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Goodbye & Godspeed, Whatfix!🚀🚀🚀

This blog is a word-to-word copy of the last mail I wrote to my wonderful colleagues at Whatfix last week. “Hola Amigos!” One last time 🙂 Less than half a percentage of all startups from India make a million dollars in ARR. We have had the hard work and good fortune to create a category […]

The Curious Case of Primal Brain In Sales

People don’t sell to companies. People sell to people. You have heard that enough times to have already made up your mind to not read this blog. But have you wondered why would that be the case? The answer’s far more interesting and if you stick along, I have a story to tell. I promise […]

Negotiation & the Quarterly-recurring stress

13 days to end of Qtr. On deals that are edging to closure, you want them closed. You want them to move from Negotiations to Contracts to closure. The ones in the negotiations are the interesting bunch. This is where the action happens. This is where you want the deal to jump the fence to […]

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