Wishlist to Sales Apps from a RevOps Guy

I have spent a decade in Sales Operations, Partner Operations & Revenue Operations. I have used dozens of sales apps. So this list is something I have requested the CSMs at the sales apps I use, told other Ops folks over a beer, or have daydreamed existed. This is an open letter to all vendors […]

Thoughts on sales demos

■ Have you ever pondered who decided the length of your sales demo? ■ How did they arrive at how much long the demo should be? ■ Why is a demo always a multiple of 30mins? Surprisingly demo lengths in most orgs would not be scientifically arrived at. It would in all probability be an hour long demo […]

A human bias that sales folks SHOULD leverage!

1.2, 17, 544, 1019……… 5,10, 50, 100……… The first series of numbers did not exactly make you happy reading it, now did it? But the second series of numbers was a pleasant read. Wonder why? Our brain finds comfort in round numbers. This has immense implication in our everyday lives as humans – affecting how […]

An important skill in Operations

Operations is a cross-functional department. It is like sitting on the fence with a view into every room! My Salesforce interviews are consisted of 13 questions I ask every interviewee. This questionnaire is a distillation of interviews over the years. A lot of these are technical Qs that the interviewee builds and executes on the […]

One small hack for better selling!

“Can you share your screen?”, I said. Not that I really wanted to see how this interview candidate built the workflow – but to see what all apps has he bookmarked. It gives me intel onto the app integrations this candidate has worked on and build my next set of conversations around it. “Bookmarks” – […]

Two Foolish Things Bad Sales Reps Do

One of the most foolish things (yes at this point I do think it is pretty naive) that a sales rep can do is to send all calendar slots in their own time zone, irrespective of where in the world the prospect is. I have written about this in the past that sharing the time […]

“Your Product is Expensive!”

Every time I see a deal we lost to the reason “your product is expensive” I do wonder what it really means by “expensive”. Different people buy different things for very different reasons. You don’t buy a Rolex and call it expensive coz “Hey it is just another watch that shows the same time!” You […]

Goodbye & Godspeed, Whatfix!🚀🚀🚀

This blog is a word-to-word copy of the last mail I wrote to my wonderful colleagues at Whatfix last week. “Hola Amigos!” One last time 🙂 Less than half a percentage of all startups from India make a million dollars in ARR. We have had the hard work and good fortune to create a category […]

The Curious Case of Primal Brain In Sales

People don’t sell to companies. People sell to people. You have heard that enough times to have already made up your mind to not read this blog. But have you wondered why would that be the case? The answer’s far more interesting and if you stick along, I have a story to tell. I promise […]

Negotiation & the Quarterly-recurring stress

13 days to end of Qtr. On deals that are edging to closure, you want them closed. You want them to move from Negotiations to Contracts to closure. The ones in the negotiations are the interesting bunch. This is where the action happens. This is where you want the deal to jump the fence to […]


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