The North Star and the Business Metrics

When I published the last post, a business head at an early stage startup messaged to tell me he related to the problem firsthand. With that validation, this post is a natural extension to the last one. If you were a navigator surfing the oceans thousands of years ago, you would be guided by the […]

Remote Sales for Just Covid or the Next Pandemic?

When the covid vaccine (if it does) finally hits the market, don’t be that school boy (literally me!) who forgets all his school textbooks after the exams and runs crazy to the playground without a worry in the world about the next level of classes! I am gonna focus on the aspect of remote selling […]

“Everything that can be invented has been invented!”

The year is 1899. ◙ Vacuum cleaner is still not invented ◙ Gillette is yet to invent safety razors ◙ It is still hard to beat the summer heat coz air conditioner is not a thing yet ◙ Wilbur and Orville Wright are still at their bicycle shop, dreaming and attempting to build the first human flight […]