One small hack for better selling!

“Can you share your screen?”, I said. Not that I really wanted to see how this interview candidate built the workflow – but to see what all apps has he bookmarked. It gives me intel onto the app integrations this candidate has worked on and build my next set of conversations around it. “Bookmarks” – […]

SaaSy Business!

In June last year, the enterpriseĀ SaaS revenueĀ hit $100 billion run rate (and hence the gif below – no pun intended :P) It closed 2019 at $141 billion. Nearly half theĀ #marketĀ is controlled by just five orgs: MicrosoftĀ 17%SalesforceĀ 12%AdobeĀ 10%SAPĀ 5%OracleĀ 5% If you thought the SaaSĀ revenuesĀ are incredible – it is not just yet. SaaS has been maturing for over two […]