Goodbye & Godspeed, Whatfix!πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

This blog is a word-to-word copy of the last mail I wrote to my wonderful colleagues at Whatfix last week.

“Hola Amigos!” One last time πŸ™‚

Less than half a percentage of all startups from India make a million dollars in ARR. We have had the hard work and good fortune to create a category and Whatfix is now worth more than half a billion dollars in market value in under 26 Qtrs. We tripled revenues and tripled headcount in the last ten Qtrs. We are already that elusive! You all are that amazing!

If things keep up the momentum that has been built in these last ten quarters, another ten quarters and Whatfix should be aπŸ¦„ We all literally have a seat on a rocketshipπŸš€πŸš€πŸš€


Amazing founders and amazing product, I can’t stop raving about. My dad always told me this through the years of my growing up: β€œHeads down. Hard work!” It felt much like his other broken Shakespearean quotes half of which were his own but he attributed them to Shakespeare to make the quote feel important to usπŸ˜„

I got to feel it firsthand watching Vara working at Dreamforce on what my dad really meant all these years: “Heads down. Hard work. Rest follows.”

From winning the Dreamplus award in Seoul in 2014 to investors queuing to invest in us, Whatfix has come a long way. I can’t thank Khadim & Vara enough for building this org. that is now a brand and to Vispi and Prakhar for betting on me as Whatfix’s first SalesOps guy.

Thank you for the chance to learn, freedom to experiment and make mistakes, for the experience to grow and scale. I leave you in good hands with an ever stronger SalesOps team!

While we are at it, can we all agree Vara hasn’t aged a day and might be a time-traveler? I have secretly thought about it often.

It has been a ride and amazing at that. Work that you don’t enjoy is but a transaction.

I had the good fortune of working with people who made work fun and made it more ‘human’, all the while pushing me to be my best.

As I bid goodbye, know that I am just a message away should you want to say hello or buy me a beerπŸ˜„

If the pandemic made one thing apparent, it’s the fact that life’s so fragile. We all need more hellos πŸ™‚




Thank you for everything.

make room for love and kindness
be meek and gentle
and brave when the moment calls.
be the last thing standing
blow it out with your fist
should your sword break apart.
for it’s the fight
history remembers
even the victorious die.

Goodbye and Godspeed!πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Rajesh Jagadish Bhattad


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