SaaSy Business!

In June last year, the enterprise SaaS revenue hit $100 billion run rate (and hence the gif below – no pun intended :P) It closed 2019 at $141 billion. Nearly half the #market is controlled by just five orgs: Microsoft 17%Salesforce 12%Adobe 10%SAP 5%Oracle 5% If you thought the SaaS revenues are incredible – it is not just yet. SaaS has been maturing for over two […]

Don’t Start Building Just Yet

Continuing from our last post where we discuss how building from day one is a bad idea in Sales Operations, let us elaborate that with an example. In one of my previous jobs I had this sales guy – pretty experienced and he had used the existing CRM for years. And yet when I saw him fill the data – he would […]

What is SalesOps?

I won’t blame you for asking that question really (that’s presuming you did). My own parents confuse my work to that of a Sales guy after years of working in the function. For that matter SalesOps is not a new function and yet it is just seeing the light of the day – especially outside […]