A Magical Glue To Stick Together Your Data In Silos

“A good process is a magical glue that connects information in silos.”

Every CRM has a limitation.

While you will buy apps to automate certain parts of your sales, that can’t be your go-to all the time.

We all have budgets. And you just can’t go buying all things there are. Sometimes even buying an app won’t help your cause.

So what do you do?

Build a great process.


Sales lives out of Customer Relationship Management(CRM). Customer Success(CS) lives out of a CS app. Presume once the deal is closed in your CRM and a CSM takes over, CS app has a limitation that it can only consume data from the CRM and not push updates back.

gif: godfrey

How do you then ensure the data is updated in both the systems with this limitation?

If it is super-critical, buy a new tool that does bi-directional sync. Know these are expensive licenses. So define your ‘critical’.

If it is not critical, build a process with your CS Ops to ensure they have a CSV updated on GSheets which you can just upload onto your CRM to push the new data from the CS app in one go.

A good process is like magic – it exists – and nobody has no to know it does. They get the data, you get the work done, org. doesn’t need shelling $$$.

It’s a win-win-win!

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