Reverse-engineering approach to building your CRM

As a SalesOps professional, it might be very exciting to start building your CRM right when you start seeing the existing gaps.


At large your every stakeholder has only few major Qs that they really care about.

Take for instance Head of Sales:

1. Is our pipeline enough to hit the quota?
2. Should we hire more sales folks? (Capacity planning)
3. Is our product pricing well-placed?
4. Is the sales compensation inspiring enough?

If you start answering these questions, you would start capturing the right data. Reverse engineering is in effect here from problem to source.

Credit: LiM

Consider the Q: Is our pipeline enough to hit quota?

To answer this Q means you are answering at large following and more underlying questions:

1. What is the Sales Accepted Leads (SAL) to Closed Won ratio?

2. Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) to SAL ratio?

3. Marketing Qualified Leads(MQL) to SQL ratio?

4. Lead Channel-wise & Company-Category wise break-up of MQL>SQL>SAL>Closure ratio.

Don’t build coz you know. Build what they want.

Reverse engineering approach helps you structure your CRM to capture right data with least inputs for highest insight output.

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