The Curious Case of Weekly Sales Meetings


It is Numero Systems’ weekly sales meeting and this is the drill:

Liz, the Sales Head: “Andy! Let’s start with you. Walk us through what’s happening on your deals”.

On his third deal, Andy:
“Competitor offered them $50K. What should we do?”

Liz: “Hmm. Let’s take this offline and discuss”.

Two hours into the meeting there are more meetings spun out or decisions taken at whim.

In a post-SalesOps world, the same meeting would look like this:

Your sales has filled necessary data for the meeting. Among other things:

> What are the next steps?
> Any red flags?

Liz walks into the meeting having already looked at the dashboard of all deals and with her thoughts formed already.

There is no “Tell me what’s happening in your deals, Andy!”
Liz already knows.

There is no “Let’s take this offline and discuss.”

In its stead, Liz goes:

“So competition quoted $50K. Andy, here’s what we will do. Do not beat their price. Lets up our value proposition by bundling our Chatbot product free for first three months. A great opportunity to upsell since we have built amazing stickiness to this product!”

Now you have:

  • Outcome-focused meetings
  • Strategic discussion
  • Live dashboards
  • Data hygiene

And this is where you guys buy your SalesOps, a beer!

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